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          Welcome: SHX-TECH
          Language: Chinese ∷  English
          Company profile

          Company profile

          SHX-TECH LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise providing carrier class WLAN products and solutions. Founded in 2011 based in Shenzhen,SHX-TECH is committed to providing solutions with own R&D, manufacturing, sales and support, and focus on providing more convenient networking and internet accesss with high-quality,high performance and low cost networking solutions. SHX-TECH has become a competitive providers of industrial wireless networking devices, backed with a R&D team of 30 experienced software and hardware engineers. Now we keep a close and deep cooperation with Qualcomm ,...

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          Our service advantage

          The existing staff of professional medical consultants have good qualifications, and have received professional business training at home and abroad. Join the company also continue to attract domestic and foreign professionals, introduce foreign advanced inspection technology and products to the domestic, domestic inspection industry opens up a new era of generation of professional medical consultant company employees have good qualifications, both at home and abroad have...

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          NEWS CENTER

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Anna Wang

          Phone: 15622890166

          Tel: 15622890166

          Email: david.chen@shx-tech.com

          Add: 8 Zhenye Street, Xianxi Community, Chang 'an Town, Dongguan City